What if I told you that finding your brand message could happen in 1 day?

What if I told you that you have everything you need for success, now?

What if you didn’t have to waste another second “seeking” success in your business?

Look, I’ve been working with clients privately for over 2 years helping them to intuitively design and create their brands and websites. Before that, I spent over 4 years working at a marketing agency that specialized in branding and web design. I’ve learned a thing or two (or hundreds) along the way and now, I want to teach you!

I’m here to create a generation of spiritual business leaders who know that they have everything they need, that they are not missing anything or broken. I want to remove the fear based marketing noise and clear your own mind, body and soul so that you can do the work you’re meant to be doing.

YOU ARE YOUR BRAND which is why I’m here to empower you to creating the message, the offerings, and the visuals yourself.

If you’re ready to ditch the status quo, to finally feel aligned with your work, and to have an expert running alongside you, I welcome you to join the Intuitive Branding Training Series: a journey of learning how to intuitively design your personal brand. 


What we’ll cover:

Part 1: Clarity + Your Message

Part 2: Soulmate Clients + Offerings

Part 3: The Brand Vision

Part 4: Creating Your Style Board

Part 5: Creating Branded Graphics

In addition to the 5 part training videos, you will receive 2 meditations, journaling exercises, and as much support as I can possibly can give in a private Facebook group!


You will be crystal clear on your next steps in your business

You will feel like your business is actually manageable

You will learn to craft an offering from your heart (not from the online noise)

You will learn how to access your intuition for all things business related

You will have your graphics and visual branding elements done

You will finally feel just how powerful your intuition is for your business and life


“For years I’ve been trying to put my thoughts together and you’ve managed to draw them out in an organized fashion in just 5 days- you are seriously good at what you do 🙌🏽 I appreciate you!” -L.K.

“This was amazing! I absolutely loved the meditations. This training really helped me figure out who my ideal client is. I would recommend Meghan to everyone.” -Janya Joy | Prosperous Women Tribe

“It’s so awesome that at the beginning of this week I had no idea where to start, and now do I not only have direction, I have the confidence that this is something that is totally manageable!!” -Tessa Irvin | Naturally Numinous

“Wow! What an amazing meditation! Thank you so much Meghan Elizabeth! 💖💖 I was not 100% sure who I wanted to help, but after the meditation it was really clear” -S.B.

“This training gave me the permission I needed to cut the ties with everything I thought I needed to do. I found my purpose and my clarity in one day, after spending years trying to figure out who I was as an online entrepreneur.” -Karen Malone | Spiritual Mentor


This is by far the BEST thing I’ve ever created and I’m so excited to teach my framework for creating your personal brand. This is the foundation of your entire business! I teach using my intuition, spiritual principals, and all of the years of studying branding and business. With all this combined, you are in for a beautiful adventure, my friend.

This series is valued at over $1,000 but I’m giving it away at a much lower price!

Are you ready to begin your intuitive branding journey??

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